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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2017 Annual Rules Meeting & Awards Banquet! For those who weren't able to attend - the winners are listed below:

Points Winners:

4.1 LPS

1st Place - Rick Schibi (Haulin Allis)

2nd Place - Cody Schibi (The Cyclone)

3rd Place - Larry Steinmann (Gateway Deere)

Modified 4WD

1st Place - Bobby Crawford (True Grit)

2nd Place - Gerald Ammann/Steve Bost (Southern Belle)

3rd Place - Steve Bringer (Playing 4 Keeps)

6000 Xtreme

1st Place - Joe Merklin/Gary Horstmeier (Red Power)

2nd Place - Gary Warren (8 Second Ride)

3rd Place - Darrell Hill (Notorious)

8500 LPS

1st Place - Tony McMullen (Bad Influence)

2nd Place - Sleepy Binder (Henry Frueh)

3rd Place - Allen Scheer (Missouri Mule)


1st Place - Keith Witt (Crosswired)

2nd Place - Rod Tarr (Twisted Metal)

3rd Place - Dan Whalen (Cumminzed Out)


1st Place - Dean Still/Lukas Still (2012 Colorado)

2nd Place - Luke Hubert (Razor Edge)

3rd Place - Danny Hubert (Sundance Kid)

6400 LPS

1st Place - Hayden Otto (Blue Power Express)

2nd Place - Mark Klott/Ben Klott (New Generation Harvester)

3rd Place - Greg Braun (Capital Expense)

Prostock 4x4

1st Place - Josie Miller (Shock Treatment)

2nd Place - Mike Miller (Big Deal)

3rd Place - Ed Scott (Empty Pockets)

Other Awards:

Sportsman of the Year - Ean Reinhold (The Road Runner)

Best Appearing Tractor - Allen Scheer (Missouri Mule)

Best Appearing Truck - Joe Merklin (Bound 4 Glory)

Best Event - Palmyra, MO

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