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The 8500lb Limited Prostock Tractor class will have an increased purse this year. The New Haven Community Youth Fair is going to raise the purse to $3,500.00 for that class. Spread the word!!

The Children's Miracle Power Pull in Paris, MO has been rescheduled for June 14th. The 8500lb Limited Prostock and the 9500lb 4.1 Limited Prostock tractor classes will be co-sanctioned with PPL that night. Head out the Paris, MO for a great night of pulling for a wonderful cause.


Please click the link below for the Tentative 2019 Xcaliber Pulling Schedule!

Events are subject to change. 

2019 Schedule

Membership applications and clutch forms for the 2018 pulling season are now available on the "Forms" page! If you were unable to attend the Awards Banquet and Annual Rules Meeting, please complete the application and mail with your check to Stephanie Merklin, 7993 Tower Road, Hillsboro, MO 63050.  

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2017 Annual Rules Meeting & Awards Banquet! For those who weren't able to attend - the winners are listed below:

Points Winners:

4.1 LPS

1st Place - Rick Schibi (Haulin Allis)

2nd Place - Cody Schibi (The Cyclone)

3rd Place - Larry Steinmann (Gateway Deere)

Modified 4WD

1st Place - Bobby Crawford (True Grit)

2nd Place - Gerald Ammann/Steve Bost (Southern Belle)

3rd Place - Steve Bringer (Playing 4 Keeps)

6000 Xtreme

1st Place - Joe Merklin/Gary Horstmeier (Red Power)

2nd Place - Gary Warren (8 Second Ride)

3rd Place - Darrell Hill (Notorious)

8500 LPS

1st Place - Tony McMullen (Bad Influence)

2nd Place - Sleepy Binder (Henry Frueh)

3rd Place - Allen Scheer (Missouri Mule)


1st Place - Keith Witt (Crosswired)

2nd Place - Rod Tarr (Twisted Metal)

3rd Place - Dan Whalen (Cumminzed Out)


1st Place - Dean Still/Lukas Still (2012 Colorado)

2nd Place - Luke Hubert (Razor Edge)

3rd Place - Danny Hubert (Sundance Kid)

6400 LPS

1st Place - Hayden Otto (Blue Power Express)

2nd Place - Mark Klott/Ben Klott (New Generation Harvester)

3rd Place - Greg Braun (Capital Expense)

Prostock 4x4

1st Place - Josie Miller (Shock Treatment)

2nd Place - Mike Miller (Big Deal)

3rd Place - Ed Scott (Empty Pockets)

Other Awards:

Sportsman of the Year - Ean Reinhold (The Road Runner)

Best Appearing Tractor - Allen Scheer (Missouri Mule)

Best Appearing Truck - Joe Merklin (Bound 4 Glory)

Best Event - Palmyra, MO

Click the link below to view a list of 2017 rule changes.


Rule Changes

Events Locations